Brand South Africa: Marketing the nation through inspiration

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A Nation Brand identity
Ntombela continues to say how developing and articulating a Nation Brand identity advances our long-term positive reputation and global competitiveness internationally and builds pride and patriotism amongst South Africans. The latter being the raison détre for Brand South Africa’s “Play Your Part” initiative, where all South Africans are encouraged to become active citizens in their communities.

“A nation of people who care deeply for each other, their environment and their communities is good for everyone,” adds Ntombela.

“With Play Your Part, and our Play Your Part Ambassadors, we want to empower and celebrate active citizenship in South Africa, by inspiring all South Africans to contribute to positive change, become involved and start doing.”

In addition to the Play Your Part Initiative, Brand South Africa also offers resources and skills to its stakeholders through a collection of resources it has at its disposal.

These resources include:

Risk-on sentiment buoys the Rand
Forex courses: A beginner’s guide to forex trading in South Africa
Offshore equities offer excellent investment opportunities for South Africans
DIY financial investing: Buy-to-let and calculating rental yield
Online research resources that track a wide variety of competitiveness, reputation, and related global studies and indices that can inform organisational strategy development and provide feedback to stakeholders on the performance and perceptions of the Nation Brand.
A free online toolkit that includes the country logo, guidelines for marketing, event branding and various other elements to ensure a consistent and distinctive image for the South African brand as well as over 3 000 high-quality images.
The Brand South Africa Knowledge Hub where stakeholders can use the information available for their planning, stakeholder engagements, communications and marketing strategies and briefings to international delegations.
A free Nation Brand Master Class for stakeholders on how to build a strong country brand that includes an in-depth understanding of the country brand strengths, reputation and image drivers, as well as the country’s performance when paired with peer countries.

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