Founded in 1956, Styria has become the standard for superior stainless steel fabrication. With its single-minded focus and ethos of commitment to client satisfaction, Styria has established a sound base with many blue chip clients entrusting it with repeat business and depending on its capability, capacity and responsibility to partner on projects in throughout Southern Africa. An intimate understanding of materials, together with craftsmanship, professionalism and quality has resulted in a robust company which has exhibited consistent growth and now has two large facilities in Gauteng. Many hundreds of Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Autoclaves, Settlers and other capital equipment have been designed, fabricatedRead More →

Banking on opportunity AT(SA) and BANKSETA team up to fight youth unemployment Employment opportunities are something we all look for. Yet, opportunity is not equally distributed.  Here in South Africa, where the unemployment rate currently stands at 26.7%, the real or ‘perceived’ lack of opportunity generates discouragement, discontent and disillusionment. It is for our youth aged 15-34 that the problem is the most severe. The youth unemployment rate of 38.2% implies that one in every three young people in the labour force is without work. Even more significant is that due to the lack of opportunities, some of these young people have become so discouragedRead More →

Business fraud can have a monumental impact on an organization. There are many types of fraud that go by different names, such as financial statement fraud, bribery and corruption and asset misappropriation. It is often the case that fraud instigated by an employee will involve more than one type of fraud. Also, business fraud is not always easy to detect because it does not always show up in a company’s official accounts system. In general, the most typical way to detect this type of fraud is by receiving a tip from an employee, a customer, or an outside vendor. Here is an overview of theRead More →

It’s a new year, which means an opportunity for new beginnings. The beginning of more impact for you and your business. Impact is more than a mission, more than a purpose. Impact is where your uniqueness, your unique voice, meets the needs and desires of the world. It’s where only you can uniquely contribute in a meaningful and powerful way. Having impact isn’t an accident. It’s a decision. A decision to bring out the best in yourself. To bring out the best in your business. I’ve been an entrepreneur for quite a long time, almost 22 years. It’s been a great journey of discovering myself,Read More →

“A man without a smiling face must never open a shop” or so the Chinese proverb goes. Truly, smiling goes a long way to lighting up the mood for a friendlier, more understanding conversation. This is true in business as well, especially when trying to make a business partnership. However, there are more business etiquettes beyond smiling and demonstrating these will show others that your customers and your business are worth respecting. * Introduce everyone, even when in doubt – There is a proper way to introduce people to each other. First, introduce the person who is the most senior, using their full name andRead More →

Ways in which you can identify the kind of analytics training you need Many people inquire about ways in which they can further the knowledge that they have in analytics. This is an industry that is still in its infancy and there are many developments that are bound to occur in the future. It is therefore important to choose the right kind of analytics training that will get you ahead and keep you current. The boom in training In the recent past, analytics education has experienced a boom. Some of the training is done in classes, some use software while there are also workshops andRead More →

AGT Foods Africa’s Cape Town division recently moved to new premises at Golf Air Park II in Airport Industria, to accommodate the rapid expansion of the company in the Western Cape. The new modern warehouse is 2 308 square metres in size, of which over 2 000m2 is warehousing space. Golf Air Park is a brand new business address with a 24-hour security, ideally located next to Cape Town International Airport and in close proximity to transport infrastructure. It has become necessary for AGT Foods Africa to enlarge its warehousing capacity, as it is a burgeoning company that stores, processes and distributes seeds, grains, pulses,Read More →