SA will relax a moratorium on gas and oil exploration licences implemented earlier in 2018 to allow exploration and production applications already in the system to be granted, mineral resources minister Gwede Mantashe said on Thursday. “This amendment will ensure that applications currently in our system are processed and granted,” Mantashe told an oil and gas industry meeting. In June, Mantashe published a notice in the government gazette announcing a restriction on the granting of technical co-operation permits, exploration rights and production rights. “We can’t delay exploration because we want to accelerate investment,” he said. Investment in the industry stalled due to regulatory uncertainty andRead More →

SA’s manufacturing accounted for 24% of South Africa’s GDP in 1980 but by 2017, it was 13% Hosting its inaugural Business Economic Indaba, Business Unity South Africa (Busa) has unveiled vital areas for partnership with the government that includes equipping people with the means to earn a living, developing ideas to up research & development investment, building the right infrastructure and improving South Africa’s ease of doing business. The indaba, which was conceived in late 2018, brought government and business together to  discuss how to build a partnership that would help drive inclusive growth and transformation. Inevitably topics under discussion included the governance challenges in state-owned entitiesRead More →

Business fraud can have a monumental impact on an organization. There are many types of fraud that go by different names, such as financial statement fraud, bribery and corruption and asset misappropriation. It is often the case that fraud instigated by an employee will involve more than one type of fraud. Also, business fraud is not always easy to detect because it does not always show up in a company’s official accounts system. In general, the most typical way to detect this type of fraud is by receiving a tip from an employee, a customer, or an outside vendor. Here is an overview of theRead More →

Events are all about fun, frolic and inspiration. For the smooth execution of any corporate event it is imperative that there is a powerful idea around which the occasion needs to be organised. Once you devise a doable plan you are almost done with half the responsibility. So here are some of the statement ideas that can transform even a boring experience to a lively one without calling for a massive effort from your side. Conversation Starters –a Making the guests committed to the program is not only great idea to get them involved on the outset, but it also plays a great role inRead More →

What exactly is big data? The sets of raw facts and figures which are so complex and bulky that they cannot be dealt with using ordinary data processing software are called big data. Capture, storage, analysis, searching, sharing, transferring, querying and visualization of data are some of the biggest data challenges. The four characteristics which describe big data are volume, velocity, variety and veracity. The size and the type of the raw information determines whether or not it can be classified as bulky. It draws from videos, text, audios, images, etc. and is mostly generated in real time. There is big data everywhere There isRead More →

Rinsie Prinsloo, managing director of Emerge Solutions, has enjoyed a stellar career within the Emerge Group. Starting out as a project manager in Bloemfontein five years ago, her ability to work with clients, problem-solve and harness business relationships has made her a specialist in her field. In this Q&A with African Business Quarterly, Prinsloo relates how Emerge Solutions has garnered such success in providing clients with digital solutions that save both time and money, as well as how she leads by example. ABQ: Can you provide us with background on Emerge Solutions? What are the core services you offer? Prinsloo: Emerge Solutions was started withRead More →

Global Markets When dealing with global markets, foreign debtors and the complexities that arise from doing business abroad, there is one aspect of your company that should always be protected : your bottom line. Exporting to lands far from home can come with a heightened sense of vulnerability for your business. At Credit Guarantee we believe our clients have the future of South Africa’s economic growth in their hands. We provide international trade credit insurance that enables them to TAKE ON new global markets with confidence. Protect your business and get covered today! More →