Please take us through your background and how you got into radio? I Mawande Jara (affectionately known as Mkhuzangwe), was born in a small rural town of Qoboqobo (formerly known as Keiskammahoek) in Eastern Cape. I am the eldest of five (5) siblings and was mainly raised by my grandmother. I obtain my basic education in various school in western and in Eastern including Ikamva Lethu High school, where l matriculated. I enrolled for diploma in Public Management in Cape Peninsula University of Technology, l also completed Advance Diploma in Public Administration and I hold a Post graduate diploma in Project Management. Currently I amRead More →

Founded in 1956, Styria has become the standard for superior stainless steel fabrication. With its single-minded focus and ethos of commitment to client satisfaction, Styria has established a sound base with many blue chip clients entrusting it with repeat business and depending on its capability, capacity and responsibility to partner on projects in throughout Southern Africa. An intimate understanding of materials, together with craftsmanship, professionalism and quality has resulted in a robust company which has exhibited consistent growth and now has two large facilities in Gauteng. Many hundreds of Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Autoclaves, Settlers and other capital equipment have been designed, fabricatedRead More →

Every business person will experience challenges. This is a default setting in life – Challenges will always come. But, what separates the businesses that rise and rise, from those that experience failure after failure? (Caveat: This is not to say that there are businesses that never fail. ALL businesses fail at some point. Some, however, rise from ashes and shine through.) Passion, then, is the key ingredient between throwing in the towel, or getting up to fight the next round. There is a refining moment where every business owner goes through intense heat. This heat can either polish you or finish you completely but itRead More →

Events are all about fun, frolic and inspiration. For the smooth execution of any corporate event it is imperative that there is a powerful idea around which the occasion needs to be organised. Once you devise a doable plan you are almost done with half the responsibility. So here are some of the statement ideas that can transform even a boring experience to a lively one without calling for a massive effort from your side. Conversation Starters –a Making the guests committed to the program is not only great idea to get them involved on the outset, but it also plays a great role inRead More →

Most businesses fail to realize the excessive costs involved in shipping and that may be one reason for their lower profit margins. Higher overheads on shipping make logistics a costly affair for them, hampering the overall efficiency and profitability of the businesses. As a business maker, you might be losing out competitiveness with your peers in the market. So, the first and foremost thing you can do is minimizing the shipping costs of your products with some effective ways, benefitting yourself as well as your customers. Apparently, you can redistribute the costs saved in shipping by offering them some discounts to your customer on theRead More →

There have been some positive steps toward getting more young people, particularly women, involved in studying STEM subjects. In recent years, South Africa has unveiled a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to encourage women to enrol for STEM subjects. For example, black women held the largest share of National Research Foundation (NRF) bursary support in 2016 overall. In the areas of engineering and computer sciences, NRF funding was increased more for women, though men still get the lion’s share of funding in these important subjects. The funders are trying, but because of the leaky  pipeline, among other factors, there aren’t always women to takeRead More →

Global Markets When dealing with global markets, foreign debtors and the complexities that arise from doing business abroad, there is one aspect of your company that should always be protected : your bottom line. Exporting to lands far from home can come with a heightened sense of vulnerability for your business. At Credit Guarantee we believe our clients have the future of South Africa’s economic growth in their hands. We provide international trade credit insurance that enables them to TAKE ON new global markets with confidence. Protect your business and get covered today! More →