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Rinsie Prinsloo, managing director
of Emerge Solutions, has enjoyed
a stellar career within the Emerge
Group. Starting out as a project
manager in Bloemfontein five years ago, her
ability to work with clients, problem-solve
and harness business relationships has made
her a specialist in her field. In this Q&A with
African Business Quarterly, Prinsloo relates
how Emerge Solutions has garnered such
success in providing clients with digital
solutions that save both time and money, as
well as how she leads by example.
ABQ: Can you provide us with
background on Emerge Solutions?
What are the core services you offer?
Prinsloo: Emerge Solutions was started
with the main aim to assist clients in creating
a better and more efficient working
environment. A particular focus of the
company is to provide scanning and storage
solutions, which enable clients to view and
manage documents in a more time-effective
manner. Emerge Solutions has been at the
forefront of the industry and has conducted
successfully with businesses since 2006. Our
core services are digital archiving, document
scanning, document storage, and cloudbased
searching solutions.
What have been some of the
challenges faced by your company,
and how have you overcome these?
In South Africa, the main challenge was to
get companies and individuals to understand
that cloud-based solutions are the future,
improving the way one searches and looks for
documents. This type of solution saves a lot
of time and also money. Luckily, we are now
at the point where everyone can see the
advantages of a solution such as this.

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