July 16, 2024

A leading online platform is connecting clients and local professionals

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Lindsay Thomas, owner of Studio Elle Interior Design in Cape Town, has been with Procompare – a leading online platform for connecting clients and local professionals – since 2019. “They helped me a lot during COVID-19. It was really difficult trying to find clients. I wasn’t expecting much. I thought everybody would be closed. But I got the leads!”

“There were two clients who bought property, wanted to renovate it, and then resell it or rent it out. It just happened, and it was such a huge surprise! Both of them are still current clients. One has multiple properties, and I am his interior designer. The other one is based in Joburg, and he has referred me to a few of his other friends as well.”

Did you have any doubts before joining the Procompare lead-generation platform?

“I have doubts about everything and everyone. So I did a lot of research on Procompare. I’ve read all kinds of reviews. I asked about them as well. And it all came out good. And I thought, if this goes south and it doesn’t work out, all I need to do is unsubscribe. Ok, let’s do this! And I never looked back.”

Procompare limits the competition to a maximum of five other professionals.

“When I ask the client how many calls have you had and what am I up against, so that I know what to prepare for you, they usually say, there’s a couple of them. Competition on Procompare isn’t huge; it’s not like I am fighting against 10 others. And even if I worked completely on my own, it would be the same. Procompare definitely helps in terms of narrowing the pool.”

How many clients do you get out of the leads Procompare sends you?

“One out of three. Which is good. Because in the bigger scheme of things, the value of that lead far outweighs the three leads that I paid for.”

The average price of one lead on Procompare is under R100.

“My projects are usually valued at R30 000 to R40 000, depending on the scope. That’s a huge return on investment. And even if you don’t end up getting any of those three leads, and you flip over to the next month, you get three more leads, and you then get one out of those leads. But it’s a R40 000 job. Well, what I get out is R40 000 – it’s a no-brainer.”

Do reviews of your business at Procompare help you?

“They help tremendously. When you have a client and they are looking for an interior designer, they do look at the reviews. There are so many scammers who will walk away with a lot of other people’s money. Other than references, the reviews also count a lot. They give clients an idea about your professionalism: whether you are actually covering the scope of work they are looking for and whether you are compatible with them. These are long-term projects. You are going to be working with clients for three, four, probably six months. You are in their personal space constantly, and it is very important that you ‘work’ for them. And they can gauge that from the Procompare reviews.”

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