June 18, 2024

Africa Hospitality Magazine now available in English

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Africa Hospitality Magazine – established in 2023 by Oudjah Simpa Fetter, head of Africa Hospitality Consultants – has launched its new English version. This new publication is specifically tailored to cater to audiences in non-French speaking countries, offering valuable insights and information on the vibrant hospitality industry in Africa.

The launch of the English edition, in response to the high demand from readers and industry enthusiasts, builds on the considerable success of the French version. The English version of the magazine will be of interest to a wider audience across the globe.

“Introducing the English edition comes as part of our ongoing commitment to providing valuable insights, trends and exclusive stories from the vibrant hospitality industry in Africa. The objective of this new edition is to further engage with our international readers, offering them a deeper insight into the diverse experiences, innovations and developments within the African hospitality sector,” says Fetter. “Our editorial team has invested significant time and effort in the creation of a compelling collection of content that captures the essence of hospitality in Africa. We are eager to share these stories with our English-speaking readers worldwide.”

The English edition of Africa Hospitality Magazine will feature a diverse range of articles, interviews, industry news and in-depth analyses, providing a comprehensive view of the dynamic landscape of hospitality in Africa. Readers can expect to explore exclusive insights, trends and future outlooks that shape the industry across the continent.

Read the English edition of Africa Hospitality Magazine here.

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