Charge up with the sun

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Charging your electric devices has never been easier, now you can charge your gadgets using the power of the sun with the SOUL Solar Scroll Portable Solar Charger.

The portable solar scroll features a military grade rollable solar panel that comes with an integrated charger for convenient outdoor charging.

The SOUL Solar Scroll Portable Solar Charger is powerful, compact and built to last and is ideal for outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking and boating.

But it’s also suitable for everyday use, as it also comes in handy at sporting events, picnics or the beach. Weighing just 300 grams, the Solar Scroll is lightweight and efficient. Simply charge the Solar Scroll by unrolling the panel and let it soak up the sun’s energy.

You can also connect it to a USB charging outlet or wall.

The portable solar scroll is undoubtedly an eco-friendly alternative to traditional power banks.

Just clip the Solar Scroll onto your backpack and let it soak up energy from the sun while you’re on the go.

Pre-order this kwaai gadget at for just over R1800.

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