July 16, 2024

Democratising wealth creation in South Africa through property investment

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Ezra Rasethe, founder and CEO of InvestRand, is spearheading a mission to democratise wealth creation in the country. InvestRand empowers ordinary individuals to build long-term wealth through property investment. The innovative marketplace partners with everyday South Africans, providing them with the knowledge and tools to achieve their investment goals – whether it’s capital growth, passive income or portfolio security.

InvestRand’s marketplace revolutionises property investment by making it accessible, simple and profitable. In a nation where retirement savings are a growing concern, InvestRand offers a solution for South Africans seeking to secure their financial future and gaining control over their assets.

Rasethe’s journey into property investment began with a desire to assist friends and family interested in high-quality property investments. Recognising the challenges faced by ordinary South Africans in navigating the property market, he founded InvestRand, a property technology (proptech) innovation to simplify the complexities of property investment.

“In the South African context, where we’re transitioning from a legacy of apartheid that excluded black people from owning property and land, there’s an urgent need for transformative solutions. InvestRand is committed to changing the way people think about land ownership and property investment. Our mission is to empower ordinary South Africans to create long-term wealth through property in a landscape where traditional retirement banking investments may not be the only viable alternative.

“We’re not just revolutionising the property market; we’re rewriting the narrative of wealth creation and financial security, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the real estate market. Our platform simplifies the complexities of property investment, making it easy, accessible and profitable – ultimately democratising wealth creation for all,” says the visionary behind the technology.

What sets InvestRand apart is its unique three-sided marketplace catering to investors, sellers and service providers. In contrast to many other platforms, InvestRand is primarily concerned with solving the financial obstacles faced by everyday people through property investing. By emphasising accessibility, InvestRand opens doors for South Africans with disposable income who aspire to invest in property. Its holistic approach doesn’t stop at merely connecting investors with the right properties. Instead, it goes above and beyond at every step of the real estate investment journey.

The platform offers pre-vetted investment properties, connects users with a network of real estate professionals, and provides guidance and support throughout the buying process. Users also become part of a community of like-minded individuals working toward building wealth for themselves and their families.

investRand aspires to become the real estate investing platform in your pocket, providing you with all the tools and resources you need to succeed in property investing. Its marketplace will increase your property investing results tenfold without sacrificing your time, money and freedom.

The South African real estate market, like most global markets, is bound for technological advancement and enhancement. The property sector has ample opportunity to improve when it comes to using technology in every aspect of the property purchase, management and disposal process. Proptech solutions and innovations show signs of potential improvement in the value chain.

Investing in property is one of the most reliable and profitable ways to build wealth. Real estate investment offers several advantages such as passive income, appreciation potential and tax benefits.

As Rasethe states, “If done right, real estate investing can be a great wealth hack for ordinary South Africans. By offering users a path to financial independence, InvestRand aims to become a trusted partner for those seeking to secure their financial future while contributing to a better, more inclusive South African property market.”

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