April 17, 2024

Disrupting the monotony of everyday life with flashes of hope and unity

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Amid the ongoing challenges faced by South Africa, Grow Hope – a nation-building movement – has taken a significant step forward by handing over its first cheque of R30 000 to Soil for Life, a non-profit organisation (NPO) dedicated to training local community gardeners in Cape Town. The cheque was received by Cindy Buské, CEO of Soil for Life, during a heartfelt ceremony held at their premises.

Rampant food insecurity is among the many social and economic issues in South Africa that has shaken our collective optimism. However, against what seems like a pervasive backdrop of negativity, a group of purpose-driven pioneers emerged, determined to make a positive contribution to the country through Grow Hope.

Entrepreneur Tom Fels, along with several collaborators, founded the initiative as a shared-value platform that harnesses the power of creativity to uplift national sentiment. Grow Hope unites artists and brand sponsors to seed city artworks with messages of hope and togetherness, displayed on large-scale billboards as part of a synchronised outdoor media campaign. These artworks, once their purpose is fulfilled, are recycled into vegetable grow-bags by Growbag Upcycled, a social enterprise.

The recent commitment to Soil for Life saw more than 180 of these bags being donated to trainee community gardeners, along with a financial contribution for the non-profit to expand their work.

With the support of its partner Tractor Outdoor, Grow Hope has gained access to a national network of billboard sites, enabling the Hope billboards to already reach more than 1 million South Africans. The colourful and inspiring artworks displayed daily serve as a beacon of motivation in an otherwise gloomy outlook.

Corporate partners have recognised the necessity and timing of this initiative, as it activates the for-good ecosystem, fostering a sense of corporate citizenship and empowering citizens to play an active role in building a brighter future.

Fels is eager to expand the growing network of nation-building brands, ensuring sustainability and fuelling of this impactful movement.

Tennessee Barber, an optimistic young Creative Ambassador for Grow Hope, describes hope as “colourful and alive with possibility.” Her sentiments are echoed by fellow design contributor Jesse Yende, founder of the NPO The South Africanist and a creative activist for positive community impact.

By disrupting the monotony of everyday life with flashes of hope and unity that elicit a response, Grow Hope aims to inspire people to take ownership of their role in building a better South Africa.

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