Dobson Point: Revitalise and upgrade

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Dobson point shopping centre situated in Dobsonville extension 2; built in 2009, it Was the first centre of its kind which represented an early symbol of economic development. The centre provides a pleasant, safe and convenient place for people of the community to shop and socialise the shopping centre with a of GLA 3952m2 has 39 stores with a variety of tenants such as anchor tenants pick n pay, mac Donald’s, kFC.

The client brief to Koen and associates was to give the shopping centre a fresh look centre a modern feel creating a more appealing centre to the community. Renovating and updating of shopping centres has a direct impact on the perception of the centre’s atmosphere. Renovations reinforce the landlord’s commitment to the tenants and consumers trends and expectations thus increasing shopper traffic and spending resulting in greater returns for the tents and landlord.

Koen and associates will begin with updating the existing façade  while keeping within budgetary constraints-  South Africa is currently within an economic downturn and because of this  turbulent economic environment  the feasibility of the project had to be in keeping with the landlords projections and  were required to match up to  growing affluence in the area.

The design- leaning towards Modern architecture consists of sleek lines and minimalist façade- with the usage of  uniform and contemporary facade treatments; standardized upgraded signage with lighting to enhance the overall modernization and create curb appeal , mamarom features to provide depth in design with a textured look  and feel.  The new design will completement the modern KFC and mc Donald’s within the centre and provide a more appealing and uniform look across the centre.

Why Design

A façade upgrade of Dobson point will boost the value of the building and appeal for shoppers and prospective tenants- buildings with visible cracks on the external façade, cracked windows and leaking interiors can put off discerning buyers and renters.

A facade upgrade also addresses the structural integrity of the building- managing the few structural issues in the short term will prevent extensive repairs in the future this offsets the overall cost of building maintenance.

Time frame

In order to limit disruptions to the centre the project team is scheduled to be complete within a 30-day period, the team is excited to begin renovations and ultimately bring new life into the centre.

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