June 18, 2024

Documentary shines a light on grassroots renewable energy advocacy in Ghana

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350 Ghana Reducing Our Carbon (350 G-ROC) and 350Africa.org have released a documentary shedding light on the remarkable journey of the Renewable Energy for Communities (RE4C) campaign in Ghana. The documentary, titled The Renewable Charge, highlights the origins and achievements of the campaign by 350 G-ROC, which evolved from a volunteer-led anti-coal campaign into a powerful community-centred advocacy movement for renewable energy.

Following the success of 350 G-ROC’s efforts to oppose a coal-fired power plant in Ekumfi District, Ghana, the RE4C campaign was launched, bringing together community members, activists and stakeholders united in their commitment to promoting renewable energy solutions and pushing for greater renewable energy ambition in Ghana. From training youth and women in the benefits and use of solar, organising community convenings, engaging policymakers and lobbying for renewable energy initiatives, the film captures the dedication of individuals and community members as they navigate the energy policy and advocacy landscape in Ghana.

In 2022, the RE4C campaign brought together a diverse group of organisations under the banner of the Renewable Energy for Communities Coalition to accelerate the integration of 10% decentralised renewable energy into Ghana’s energy mix by the year 2030.

Landry Ninteretse, regional director of 350Africa.org, says: “We are thrilled to share the inspiring story of the RE4C campaign through this documentary, which is a testament to the power of community organising and grassroots advocacy in driving positive change. The campaign is igniting a renewable energy revolution in which communities are taking matters into their own hands in the pursuit of energy access and a sustainable future free of the devastating impacts of the climate crisis that have become our lived reality. In turn, we urge our governments across the continent and global financial institutions to prioritise community-centred renewable energy projects, and call on developed nations historically responsible for the highest emissions to channel finances toward fostering a just transition to renewables in Africa.”

Comments Portia Adu-Mensah, national co-ordinator of 350 G-ROC, “At its core, the RE4C campaign is about strengthening communities to take control of our energy future. Through education, advocacy and collaboration, we are working to build a more sustainable and equitable energy system for all Ghanaians. By centring the voices and experiences of local communities, our campaign aims to ensure renewable energy policies and projects are responsive to the needs of the people. As we take on these efforts at the grassroots level, we urge the government to enforce the implementation of the country’s renewable energy plans, among them achieving 10% renewable energy in the country’s energy mix by 2030.”

The release of the documentary took place during a webinar as the world commemorated Solar Appreciation Day. Community screenings of the documentary were also held in the Pungu and Nawognia areas in Navrongo in northern Ghana – the location of Ghana’s first solar PV utility-scale project – on 9 and 10 March. Following the screening, 350 G-ROC and its partners engaged with local stakeholders and distributed solar bulbs to communities in the area.

Watch the documentary here.

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