Fusion Labs: A world of nutritional innovation

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A world of nutritional innovation

Fusion Laboratories, under the leadership of Rasheed Patel, is a nutraceutical lifestyle company that promotes peak health

Fusion Laboratories’ two ranges have become the leading products for clinics, salons and aesthetic centres around South Africa.

Fusion Laboratories is a premier nutritional, lifestyle and wellness research & development (R&D) company that is constantly expanding the frontiers of nutraceutical technology—delivering superior-quality, high-performance, multi-nutrient nutraceutical products that focus on promoting peak health. As a member of the Health Products Association of Southern Africa, it recognises that health is our most vital asset and it is committed to quality control and ethical standards of production.
Fusion Laboratories was started through identifying a need to develop high-quality nutraceutical products in hitherto largely untapped segments of the complementary medicines market. Highly lucrative premium profit margins, growing demand and increasing popularity for such products among the health-conscious public were added incentives.

The person bringing this vision together is CEO Rasheed Ahmed Patel. He is responsible for product innovation including development, marketing, design and aesthetics as well as keeping the company abreast of developments in the nutraceuticals market. He is also responsible for product formulations, research and training. He launched Fusion Laboratories in such manner as to ensure the company’s vision, being that of a research and product development firm in the nutraceuticals field, is prioritised—while the essential business competencies of finance, strategy and business development are taken care of as well.

Patel began his tertiary education in law, but his passion for supplements led him to accept an offer from Universal Nutrition as a nutritional consultant in 2000. Following this, he moved to head up the nutrition section of the Sandton Daelite Pharmacy in 2001.

In 2005, an investment consortium that had landed the territorial rights for USN in the Middle East appointed Patel to launch and develop the USN brand in that territory, being highly impressed by his knowledge and experience in the sports supplement industry.

However, personal loss in the family forced Patel back to South Africa in early 2007. Fusion Laboratories, his conceptual brainchild, was founded in the same year. His insightful recognition of the gaps in the complementary medicines field led Patel to steer Fusion Laboratories’ focus on the hair and skin industry, through which the development and launch of its first range of products, Trichotin and Dermagen, occurred.

After having spent substantial amounts of capital and time to finalise its formulation, product aesthetics and marketing initiatives, the Trichotin range was launched in 2009. Along with its anti-ageing properties, Trichotin Hair Regenesis—being an oral supplement—was specifically formulated to supply the essential nutrients required for healthier hair. The formulation was finally completed after consultation with numerous industry experts, and after having investigated all possible causes of hair loss. Thirty-four separate ingredients (including key amino acids, vitamins and herbal extracts) are combined for maintaining and strengthening hair while minimising hair loss, combating greyness and stimulating new growth. Comprising a completely natural formula without any side effects, Trichotin Hair Regenesis has met with astounding market acceptability. Its application across the hair loss and hair care industry is vast and hugely promising.

Continuing along the Trichotin series, Fusion Laboratories’ second product, the Trichotin DHT Inhibitor, was launched and designed to inhibit the hormone that is responsible for hair loss (dihydrotestosterone). The natural formula contains saw palmetto extract, beta sitosterol, nettle root extract, co-enzyme Q10 and ginseng.

Dermagen Formulated Skin Care is a daily caplet containing 21 ingredients that support healthy skin metabolism by delivering a carefully balanced and perfectly formulated mix of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidant nutrients. Dermagen stimulates the body’s circulatory system to feed and repair the skin from within.

These two ranges have become the leading products for clinics, salons and aesthetic centres around South Africa. Fusion Laboratories has also developed a lucrative pipeline of new products focusing on skin, slimming agents and sports nutrition products—including its latest offering called Duo Calm: a smart calming and sleep aid with valerian and chamomile, which regulates your circadian (day/night) rhythm so that you awake refreshed each morning.

Through its independent Integrated Services (FIS) division, Fusion Laboratories also provides assistance in intellectual capital, research, formulation, manufacturing and marketing of nutraceutical products for outside companies wishing to further develop or launch their own nutraceutical projects. The ideas incubated are unique, and products are formulated and manufactured in a way that is distinctly different; product excellence appeals to all five senses.

FIS sources the most suitable ingredients and manufactures outstanding formulations that stringently adhere to best manufacturing practices. The result is a product that excels in quality and presentation in the final rollout, ensuring customers’ satisfaction and brand loyalty are optimised.

Patel is an early-stage investor and adviser in FIS as well as Group 4 Health and Human Limitless.

Fusion Laboratories is looking to expand its R&D capabilities in the nutraceuticals field and plans to grow its existing pipeline of products. Realising that its core strength lies within R&D and product development, the company hopes to strengthen its ability to manufacture, distribute and bring to market its unique nutraceutical product offerings.

For further information, visit www.fusionlabsonline.com.


“Trichotin and Dermagen gave me confidence in my hair and skin condition, knowing that I am taking care of it from the inside out. With styling and makeup being done regularly, I know that I have a secret that protects against damage, so that I can look and feel my best.”

—Lezinka de Meyer, ICE Agency model

 “As for Dermagen, I was super impressed with how smooth my skin started looking. It also helped me fight the terrible breakouts that I had become subject to. Thankfully I am back to having days where I just put on some mascara and lip gloss, as my skin looks healthy and doesn’t need the coverup.”

—Chantal Riley, online editor, Models & Pageantry SA magazine

“We were proud to be one of the first salons to offer Trichotin to our customers experiencing hair loss. All our customers find the product effective. Both ladies and gentlemen are very happy with the results.”

—Johan Nortje, celebrity stylist & IsJon founder

 “Since I have started using DuoCalm, I have been getting deeper sleep—giving me the ability to wake up fresh and ready to train to my maximum potential.”

—Cris Cyborg, UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion

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