June 18, 2024

H&M South Africa donates R1m to fuel SA Harvest’s fight against hunger

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H&M South Africa has donated R1 million to local non-profit organisation (NPO) SA Harvest, helping fund its mission to end hunger in the country. This significant contribution will empower SA Harvest to extend its impact and support in distributing nutritious meals to vulnerable individuals, families and communities facing food insecurity.

The donation stems from H&M South Africa’s A Bag for Change initiative launched in October 2023. Under this initiative, the fashion brand began charging R2.50 per paper shopping bag as part of its commitment to reduce its environmental footprint and foster a more sustainable community by encouraging customers to opt for reusable bags. Furthering this commitment, H&M pledged to donate 50% of the proceeds from shopping bag sales to NPOs driving positive change in local communities.

SA Harvest is the first beneficiary of this initiative, but certainly not the last. H&M will continue to allocate 50% of shopping bag revenue to other inspiring NPOs in South Africa which align with its value of fostering social impact locally.

“At H&M, we believe in the power of collective action to drive positive change, and our partnership with SA Harvest underscores our commitment to making a meaningful impact on the people and communities where we operate,” says Caroline Nelson, H&M South Africa country manager.

Operating on the principle of food rescue, SA Harvest actively collects surplus food from various sources and distributes it to those in need. The collaboration with H&M South Africa will enable SA Harvest to expand its reach and impact.

The A Bag for Change donation extends an ongoing partnership between SA Harvest and H&M, which have previously joined forces to provide support and relief to those affected by the Cape Town floods and Johannesburg fires in 2023, and the Langa fires and KwaZulu-Natal floods in 2022.

Alan Browde, CEO and founder of SA Harvest, expresses gratitude for the generous donation from H&M. “This significant contribution from H&M will greatly enhance our efforts to combat hunger and food insecurity across South Africa. R1 million enables the delivery of more than a million nutritious meals to hungry South Africans. We are deeply thankful for H&M’s ongoing partnership and commitment to working with SA Harvest to drive positive change in our communities.”

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