July 16, 2024

How Gen Z’s future magnates can plan for success right now

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Generation Z has a unique approach to business and entrepreneurship that successfully blends both traditional and new-age business practices, ideally positioning our generation as leaders in building a future where success is not just defined by profits, but also purpose and passion.

For example, Gen Z can seamlessly integrate digital technologies to maximise efficiency in work processes, while still prioritising genuine human connections and interactions. We understand the importance of achieving work-life balance that prioritises individual well-being without compromising productivity. We are agile, curious and questioning, learning from established businesses, but also keen to roll up our sleeves and apply our minds to developing new, innovative solutions and to forge our own paths as entrepreneurs and market disruptors.

As a result, companies that emphasise hiring and upskilling Gen Z workers stand to gain a significant competitive advantage in marrying the old with the new, and better understanding and catering to this young and increasingly powerful consumer group.

However, as we celebrate Youth Day, it’s also vital to remember the power that lies within our own hands. As such, the onus likewise falls on members of Gen Z to develop, refine and pursue our blueprints for future business success, whether your dream is to reach a well-salaried, management level position or to build the next great brand or booming business empire.

To formulate that blueprint, we must rely on and utilise the qualities that define our generation. Incorporate these four tips into your plans to ensure you ultimately reach your business goals:

Welcome change

The only constant is change. This rings truer than ever for Gen Z, having grown up in a world where market-changing technologies are being developed and released every few months, and social media trends change in the blink of an eye.

This adaptability is arguably Gen Z’s greatest strength. It’s important to stay flexible and be willing to pivot at a moment’s notice. When laying out your plan for the future, make sure to retain that flexibility, and be open to changing anything and everything whenever a new opportunity presents itself.

Leverage your ability to learn

As the first generation to truly grow up with the Internet in its modern form, Gen Z has always had the world’s information right at our fingertips, making us naturally adept at researching and learning new skills online. This ability and willingness to learn further extends offline and into a working environment, and can serve as a real asset both as employees and as business leaders.

So, in laying out your blueprint for future business success, continue to actively seek out opportunities to learn and grow. This may involve taking on new projects, learning new skills or seeking feedback from peers and mentors.

Don’t wait for an invitation. Take the initiative and put your hand up for new projects at your job, demonstrating to everyone that you’re eager to learn and grow. Whenever you do something new, ask for open and honest feedback. If it’s not all positive, remember that it’s not a reflection on you personally, and approach criticism as an opportunity to improve.

Bank on your pragmatism

Gen Z is known for questioning the status quo and isn’t afraid to challenge it. Driven by more than just a need to disrupt for the sake of being disruptive, we’re able to identify inefficiencies and areas ripe for enhancement. We can then utilise our natural pragmatism and skills to streamline workflows, implement emerging technologies or rethink business strategies to drive innovation and the triple bottom line of profits, people or social equity, and planet or environmental sustainability.

Embrace your desire to make a difference

Growing up in a world marred by what sometimes seem like insurmountable challenges, from inequality and social unrest to climate change and resource scarcity, Gen Z has a strong desire to change the world for the better.

The most practical and effective way to achieve sustainability goals is, arguably, by working at or founding companies with the capacity to make a difference. This could involve creating products that solve social issues, implementing sustainable business practices, or using our platforms to advocate for change.

Building a career or business with the aim of one day becoming an impactful leader requires concentration, endurance and determination, and a willingness to learn from seasoned mentors with decades of experience behind them.

Be open to new ideas, embrace change and learn to lead by example. These qualities will lay a foundation on which you can shape your trajectory, build a successful future and realise your dreams and aspirations of reaching the C-suite or founding your own successful company.

Mikaeel Moti

Executive Director

Moti Group

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