June 18, 2024

Laying the foundation for young women to thrive

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Three decades into democracy and women are making a name for themselves in industries previously dominated by men.

The HER Wine Collection was founded by an all-African team of women who have made strides to firmly establish themselves in the wine industry, but also have a strong focus on the empowerment and upliftment of young women.

HER Wines has made a concerted effort to ensure young women have a stepping stone to shape their own futures. Since 2023, HER Wines has channelled 2% of its profits from sales into a bursary fund aimed at supporting young women who may not have the resources to further their studies once they have matriculated.

“There was a time when women like us did not have the opportunity to study or start businesses. Today we are humbled to be able to change the situation for young women who find themselves in positions where the resources at their disposal are not able to take them to greater heights,” says Praisy Dlamini, general manager and winemaker at HER Wines.

Since this initiative has started, HER Wines has fully funded six ambitious young women to further their studies within the Cape Winelands in the Western Cape. This also includes mentoring these women throughout their studies and providing them with a support structure.

One of the first recipients of the bursary has passed her first year of educare training with distinction at Huguenot College, which might not have been possible without the support of the HER Wines ‘sheroes’. “This year we are moving from the preschool phase to Grade R and so I am going to complete the practical part of my course at my old primary school,” the bursar explains. “I am going to try my best to learn everything I can so that I become a good teacher who will build a good foundation for the learners in my class.”

The bursary has been awarded to three more young women as a result of an increased number of applications for the bursary in 2024, which speaks to the growing need for such initiatives.

The HER Wines team is laying the foundation for young women who will play a critical role in shaping not only their own futures but the future of our nation. In doing so, they have created a platform for these women to rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

HER Wine Collection is determined to pay its success forward by providing young women with constant encouragement, accountability and support from a group of empowered women who understand the challenges that come with a lack of resources.

Note: The names of the young women who have been awarded the bursary have been omitted to protect their privacy and maintain anonymity, as they come from parts of the Western Cape where they are vulnerable and could potentially be targeted.

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