July 16, 2024

New Structa Technology product range

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Says Mr. Rodney Cory, Director Prestank Structa Technology: “We are indeed proud to have developed a new economical range of water storage solutions, and we are looking forward to be of better service to all companies and municipalities who need such solutions. Our company, Structa Technology, prides itself to be one of our countries’ best producers of water storage solutions.  We manufacture Pressed Steel Water Storage Tanks known as Prestank and have now added the newly developed Circotank range.  Our water storage solutions therefore offer our water utilities, municipalities and industry at large, two durable, cost effective water storage products spanning a range from 500 liters to 4.2 million liters.


Structa Technology has now developed a more economical but robust round galvanized steel tank range.

The range, branded as Circotank, is manufactured from galvanized steel sheet cold rolled with a stiffening profile. A zincal version is currently being tested for application in corrosive areas. The tanks utilise a PVC liner which hugely improves the speed and quality of build, resulting in a reliable product. Liner replacement is possible thus resulting in ease of maintenance and longevity.

Circotank is offered in two size ranges, being a Maxi-range covering tank sizes of 100,000 litres up to 1,5 million litres and a Midi range covering a very user-friendly range of 5,000 – 20,000 litres.

The Maxi-range is aimed at large scale water storage projects, with typical application in industrial water storage such as fire tanks and mass rural water supply schemes.  The tanks are transported in pre-rolled segments, thus allowing for compact transport and easy off-loading.  They are erected on concrete ring beam foundations and require reasonably simple earthworks before erection.  Erection is done with a strake lifting system that requires no craneage.  This all adds up to a very economical total cost per cubic metre water storage.  Structa has well trained teams available to install the Maxi range.

Ground Level Prestank


Structa’s 40-year-old flagship brand namely Prestank has over the years proven itself as a hygienically safe, cost effective and reliable way to store water for communities, commercial sectors, private sectors and even for personalized storage.  Structa’s Prestank Water Storage Tank is the ideal water storage solution for volumes from 10 000 liters and above, especially on elevated stands.

Prestank may be used for various water storage applications from temporary or permanent installations at mines, power stations, building sites, hospitals, water affairs, municipalities, rural communities and agriculture.  The Structa Prestanks are fully customizable, high quality water storage solutions that are manufactured according to SANS guidelines and meet South African Hot Dipped Galvanizing requirements.  A major advantage of the sectional tank design is that it facilitates easier handling and transportation over long distances to remote areas, regardless of the final dimensions of the assembled unit. Furthermore, assembly on site is quickly achieved without the need for sophisticated tooling methods.  Minimum maintenance is required because the galvanized steel panels resist weathering from the elements, while maintaining the integrity of the water within from contamination of most forms.

Rockdale, one million litre multi-column tank

Our Prestank and Circotank adhere to the following design codes: SANS 10160 for structural loading and SANS 10162 for structural steel design of tank stands.

Structa Technology is a member of The Structa Group of Companies (www.structa.co.za) and has successfully manufactured steel engineering products for infrastructure projects since 2002.  The subsidiaries in the group prides itself to excellent:

  • Manufacturing standards,
  • Quality, health and safety standards
  • State of the art machines
  • Highly Skilled and dedicated workforce
  • Innovative design

Structa Technology products are:

  • Proudly SA
  • Manufactured by BEE compliant manufacturers
  • Relevant to infrastructure development
  • Compliant in terms of Quality Control

Says Mr. Rodney Cory: “ With our extended product range we can now supply our customer base with a comprehensive set of products from which to choose the most economical and practical solution to suit their requirements “

For More information contact:

Rodney Cory (Director)

Structa Technology (Pty) Ltd

Tel:  +27(0)16 362 9100

E-mail:  rodney@structatech.co.za / watertanks@structatech.co.za

Website:  www.structatech.co.za; www.prestank.co.za; www.circotank.co.za

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