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At SENTER360 we are proud to not only supply products, but build long term relations with our clients by delivering a package of high quality and excellent service.  The SENTER360 center pivot, manufactured since 1994, is known for its excellent quality and strength above industry standards.  We are part of the irrigation industry for more than 25 years and have interests in South Africa, Africa and in the rest of the world.

We are passionate about our center pivots.  We do not only build a tough, very strong structure but spend time on small detail to make a big difference in your everyday life.

Stuctural stability

SENTER360 tower trusses are manufactured from pipe and not angle iron as is commonly used by other brands. The advantage of the lighter material enables us to use two more sets of trusses per tower than is possible with angle iron trusses, ensuring an exceptionally strong structure.  An added advantage of the pipe truss structure is its aerodynamic superiority above angle iron as a structural material.  That, in combination with a carefully balanced structure is the reason for a SENTER360 machine withstanding a windstorm of 158km hour (actual field data), confirming the reason why no SENTER360 was blown over in a recent storm (the only brand not blown over).

Innovative control panels

The same modular principals used throughout the entire SENTER360 design is also visible in our control panel design. Our ‘basic” control panel is similar in functionality to the top panels of most other brands.

Standard functions include • on/ off • feedback when the machine stopped • direct mm adjustment • showing position of the machine • low pressure & pressure start • part circle and sector adjustment with variable mm application per sector • auto reverse with variable mm application on return • scheduling options and many more!

Panels can be controlled by your cell phone*, Tablet*, computer or base station by adding a simple plug in “Communicator” unit of your choice (GPRS/cell network, Wi Fi or radio unit).

Full pump control, VSD control and feedback is also available on the same system.

*(Android, IOS and other) 

Do watch this YouTube video. You will surely be impressed:

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