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There are significant risks when it comes to the storing, use and distribution of flammable liquids and chemicals in the workplace. Every flammable substance comes with specific documentation and detailed guidelines which need to be followed for the safety of you, your employees, and your establishment. It is vital that proactive steps are taken to secure and store any hazardous materials in the correct flammable containers and cabinets to minimize any threat or environmental damage that may come from a spillage or fire.

It is the responsibility of any organization that distributes, stores, or uses flammable materials to understand the risk that comes with storing and handling these substances. The most important step to ensuring the safety and security of not only those within your establishment but also those in neighbouring communities, is to make certain that the correct regulations and steps are taken and being followed properly to reduce the likelihood of fire or environmental damage.

Spill Doctor is a fully registered operation, supplying FM approved environmental safety products like flammable cabinets, safety cans, spill kits and other products that aid in safely storing flammable liquids and chemicals. As a key supplier in the health and safety industry, Spill Doctor understand that in the event of a fire or spillage caused by the incorrect storage, manufacturing or distribution of hazardous materials and liquids, the organization may be found liable which could result in hefty fines or even imprisonment if found negligible. It is vital that proactive and reactive procedures are in place to minimize the damage and risk of fires or chemical spills.

Spill Doctors internationally compliant safety products are aimed at assisting to reduce the risk of fire, injury and environmental damage caused by the incorrect storage of flammable liquids and hazardous materials. Their clients can have peace of mind in knowing that they are receiving products that meet both local and international regulations regarding the safe storage, distribution, and general usage of flammable and ignitable liquids as well as an exclusive limited warranty.

As a BBBEE Level 4 South African company, representing leading international brands in the field of environmental, health and safety, Spill Doctor supply and distribute quality fire safety products to all countries within Africa.

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