July 16, 2024

Student debt, and the role that donors play as ‘silent heroes’

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In a world marred by inequalities, the power to make a difference often rests in the hands of the few. But what if this power could be democratised? What if your financial contribution could catalyse change? 

Welcome to the story of Sizamnkele Qekeleshe – one that is as much about her indomitable spirit as it is about the transformative role donors play.

At 27, Sizamnkele is a pharmacy student at the University of the Western Cape. Her journey has been fraught with challenges including a battle with cancer, but she has been helped along the way by kind donors, through Feenix.

“I consider myself an ambitious young woman, with dreams keeping me up at night. I see myself as dynamite, as I believe God planted seeds in me that the world has yet to see. I’ve always wanted to be a pharmacist,” she says.

“I faced several challenges over the years, such as being diagnosed with cancer, yet I continued to earn good grades. I have the strength and determination to achieve my goals, no matter what obstacles I have to overcome. My mom inspires me so much; she is a hard-working single woman who made sure we never went to bed hungry.”

Says Feenix CEO Cara-Jean Petersen, “Sizamnkele embodies the kind of determination we champion. And it’s through the benevolence of donors that her dreams of wanting to not only make an impact within her own family but also in the lives of many others edges closer to reality – all thanks to education and the hope that comes with receiving employment.”

The donor’s lens: A view to the future

By supporting students like Sizamnkele, you are not only investing in their education but also empowering them to make significant and positive contributions to society. Young individuals possess the potential to become future leaders, innovators and change-makers who will shape a better world for everyone. Your support today paves the way for a brighter tomorrow, where their impact will be felt far and wide. Imagine a pharmacist who not only dispenses medication but also has empathy and care, partly because society cared for her.

Feenix: The bridge to a better tomorrow

“Feenix isn’t just a crowdfunding platform; it’s a conduit for societal advancement,” states Petersen. “Crowdfunding serves to advance society by connecting untapped potential with actual achievements. Donors play a crucial role in providing the necessary financial support to fuel this engine of change.”

Social impact: Your contribution to a brighter tomorrow

Your contributions are not acts of charity – they are strategic investments in societal well-being. The 3 800 students who have benefited so far are not outliers: they’re the vanguard of a new South Africa.

Be part of the change narrative

As we stand at the front door of the South Africa we’ve always dreamt of, your role as a donor could be the breakthrough we need. Through Feenix, you have the opportunity to not just witness change but to enact it.

Becoming an agent of change is easy. Simply visit the Feenix website or read Sizamnkele’s story.

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