April 13, 2024

Tech, creativity and entrepreneurship unite

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The Omniverse – a dynamic convergence platform for the brightest minds across African innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship – is launching with its inaugural summit in Lagos, Nigeria.

The platform is co-created with the Innovation Support Network (ISN) as ecosystem partner. ISN is a national network of 180 innovation hubs, incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces across Nigeria.

The Omniverse is supported by the Digital Transformation Center Nigeria, which is jointly funded by the European Union and the German BMZ, and implemented by GIZ GmbH.

The Omniverse Summit will feature four days of meaningful programming focused on actionable outcomes at Landmark Centre Lagos from 27 February 27 to 1 March 2024. The summit is structured around overarching themes of narrative, innovation, collaboration and monetisation.

Each day of the summit will be devoted to a core but connected theme, allowing The Omniverse Summit to delve into its multiple dimensions:

The Narrative Day will explore narratives about Africa and Africans that shape our self-perception and global image, and examine its impact on our economies, societies and geopolitics – but, more importantly, how to rebuild, reframe and reclaim these narratives toward our common future in the light of presenting our markets and attracting investment.

The Innovation Day will explore layers of innovation beyond technology while highlighting innovative pioneers who are revolutionising their fields to help participants understand the strategies for nurturing and inspiring innovation at all levels despite the challenges.

The Collaboration Day will dissect the DNA of successful collaborations by analysing the mechanics of productive partnerships and purposeful alliances, and foster effective collaborations while aiming to help set up partnership deals and conversations.

The Monetisation Day will unpack the science of making money, exploring effective strategies and approaches for building resilient, profitable careers and businesses

The summit beyond the main stage will happen across four rooms: 

Development Room – for development partners to provide information and guidance to prospective implementation partners looking for project funding;

• Deal Room – for potential collaborators to meet, negotiate and potentially close deals. Lawyers, business analysts and other resources will be stationed in the room to provide guidance and support; 

• Sage’s Lounge – for intimate conversations with icons. A rotating roster of visionaries, mavens and originators in tech, business, government, development and creative industries will offer wisdom and advice based on their long, storied careers; and

• Career Centre – where participants can find expert advice on career advancement, industry transitions and job opportunities.

“The Omniverse Summit stands as the tangible embodiment of our audacious vision: a dynamic convergence platform that unites the brightest minds shaping the kaleidoscope of African innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship,” says Obi Asika, convener of the summit. “It transcends physical boundaries, serving as a nexus where individuals and organisations synergise, exchanging knowledge, pooling resources and collectively forging solutions to the intricate challenges confronting our continent and communities. In this interconnected space, technology acts as the unifying force, propelling us toward a future where innovation knows no limits.” 

Comments Charles Emembolu, chairperson of the board at Innovation Support Network: “In co-spearheading The Omniverse, ISN is unwavering in our commitment to propel the global discourse on digital innovation. At the core of this summit lies a transformative agenda, where technology is not just a tool but the very essence that reshapes industries.

“ISN, as a founding partner, envisions the convergence of leading minds across finance, business, education, utilities, public sector, developmental sector, advertising, media and the creative industries. Our objective is to obliterate silos, forging an interconnected future where collaboration is paramount. The Omniverse will be the crucible where ideas transmute into opportunities – fostering sustainable growth, profound impact and unparalleled development.” 

Registration is now open. For more information, email info@theomniverse.africa.

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