April 21, 2024

Unleashing the power of AI chatbot tech on WhatsApp for users across Africa

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and OpenAI’s flagship software, the AI chatbot ChatGPT, have garnered widespread excitement in recent months. With advancements in natural language processing, personalisation and automation, AI tools like ChatGPT are transforming various industries and unlocking new possibilities.

Now, the power of ChatGPT and AI is becoming even more accessible through MobileGPT, which brings AI chatbot technology to WhatsApp – making it readily available to a broader audience.

MobileGPT leverages the power of OpenAI’s technology to allow users to generate documents, create AI images and interact with a personal AI assistant on WhatsApp. This app, developed by Tati Software, aims to bring the generative AI experience within reach of most smartphone and feature phone users across the African continent.

Tati Software Pty Ltd is a black female-owned and managed tech company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company was founded by Bertha Kgokong, a self-taught developer with experience in building software products since 2017.

Users are excited about the new technology’s potential to streamline everyday business processes and enhance communication through AI-driven chatbot integration.

Key features of MobileGPT include:

1. AI-powered chatbot integration, comparable to ChatGPT, accessible through your smart mobile device via WhatsApp.
2. Seamless image generation within WhatsApp conversations from text inputs, now powered by the advanced Stable Diffusion XL Engine.
3. Access to an AI-powered document generator that produces industry-standard documents for users.
4. LiveData search functionality generating comprehensive, real-time research reports from the Internet within minutes.

Despite the excitement surrounding AI technologies like ChatGPT, concerns have arisen about job losses due to automation. However, Kgokong offers an optimistic perspective on this issue: “People focus on the idea of jobs that may be lost due to new technologies, and forget the gains to society that technology brings. Maybe industrialisation caused labourers to lose some jobs, but it created engineers, consultants and other more sophisticated jobs in line with the tech improvements. The same will happen here. Instead of hiring a blog writer, you will now hire a prompt engineer.

“Yes, there are new job that will be created by AI, like AI prompt engineers, AI integration consultants, AI ethics officers, AI content strategists etc.”

This viewpoint emphasises that while AI-powered tools like ChatGPT may displace some jobs, they will also create new opportunities for employment and economic growth. By fostering innovation and embracing the potential of AI, South Africa can capitalise on the benefits that these technologies have to offer – paving the way for a more prosperous future.

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